Want to sell our handcrafted accessories? 

You can make your wholesale purchase through this website/Online Store. Our wholesale prices will appear ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR ACCOUNT👇. Once you create your account, you must make your first minimum purchase of 15 assorted products. At the end of the purchase, you must indicate the kind of packaging: With Our Logo (if you sell with our brand) or without our Logo (if you sell with your brand).

As soon as we receive your order and payment. We dispatch within 24 hours.

You have 1 month to exchange up to 100% of your order in case of not selling the products. Shipping cost is not included.

You can use our photos as a sales tool on your social networks.

+ One month to exchange the products that you did not sell.
+ Discounts between 50% and 70% on sale price.
+ New products every month. Always something new to offer to your customers!
+ Graphic material for your use, as a sales tool on your social networks.
+ Personalized attention via WhatsApp. If required.